Sara has been working in the communication department and on the field with Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders since May 2015 following migration projects in the Mediterranean sea, Greece, Italy, Balkans and operations in Chad. She is passionate about multi-platform storytelling, human rights, gender issues and immigration policy, among others. She is a multi-skilled communication professional dedicated to humanitarian and international issues.

Sara has been publishing articles, videos and reportages on different media platforms, online newspapers and civil society networks involved in the field of development, democracy and social justice. In the Mediterranean region, Sara has been working principally on the issue of migration as a documentary filmmaker and video journalist.  She has worked with the World Social Forum web tv, RAI – Italian National Television and NRK – Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

Through the years she has worked in the communication aspects of the cultural industry for International events and festivals like Tocatì – International Festival of Street Games, World Social Forum and African Film Festival, providing leadership to staff and volunteers in managing all operations and affairs of the festival and fulfilling the mandate of the organizations.


«« B.A. Communication and Journalism } Verona University :: Italy
«« School of Journalism and Mass Media Studies } Aristotle University of Thessaloniki :: Greece
«« Social Communication } Universidade Caxias do Sul :: Brasil
«« Master in International Cooperation, Protection of Human Rights and Cultural Heritage in Mediterranean Sea and Eurasia } Bologna University :: Italy
«« Master in Moroccan Cultural Studies, identities and media } Université Ben Addellah Fes :: Morocco

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