I spend 4 months on a search and rescue mission in the Mediterranean Sea with Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders. Every year, thousands of people fleeing violence, insecurity or persecution at home attempt a treacherous journey across the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe. I’ve been reporting from two different search and rescue boats that MSF has been operating between southern Europe and the north coast of Libya.


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MSF rescues 2,000 people on the Mediterranean Sea in 36 hours

REFUGEE CRISIS | Saving Lives at Sea

Mediterranean migrant rescue on Channel 4 

Aid Ships Rescue 788 Stranded Migrants on NYT – NYTIMES VIDEO 

Più di tremila migranti salvati in due giorni nel mar Mediterraneo on Internazionale 



Still at a very young age, they leave villages or big cities of the Moroccan kingdom, hoping to gain a fortune. The dream is to get on Peregar, the ship arriving to the port of Melilla, and in couple of hours depart for Europe. “Everyday the life is a risk in a precarious balance, this is the philosophy of Harrāga” – in Arabic – who burns down the frontiers, who takes risks. Watch the trailer here

HUNNA } 2013 – 30”

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The documentary explores the contemporary experience of moroccan women during the 2012 human chain in Rabat (Morocco). Hundreds of people in front of the Moroccan parliament to  denounce all forms of violence against women. “We are here to denounce physical, verbal and moral violence, as well as the harassment of women,” said a member of Spring of Dignity, a coalition of 22 groups defending the rights of women. Here watch the documentary.

NUMBER 9 } 2013-15”Senza titolo-7

No. 9 – Stop violence at the borders! is a campaign to denounce the daily and systematic repression of migrants by Moroccan authorities as well as the implication of Spanish authorities in the crimes perpetrated against migrants at the borders of Melilla and to demand an official investigation into the circumstances of the death of Clément and the other migrants deceased in the surroundings of the enclaves. Here watch the campaign.

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