This documentary calls for the end of violence and violations of human rights in the north of Morocco and demands an official investigation into the circumstances of the death of Clément and the other migrants deceased in the surroundings of the enclaves.


The documentary Number 9 was realised thanks to a field mission in the forest of Gourougou near Beni Enssar, Morocco in March 2013. The investigative mission had the purpose to document the consequences of police violence against migrants and to gather written and audio-visual accounts. On site, I witness the death of Clément, from Cameroun, who had attempted the crossing of the Melilla fence on 11th March. He had been arrested, beaten up and transferred to the hospital in Nador. According to AMDH, he had suffered a head wound and had an arm and a leg broken. As stated in testimonies gathered, although still very weak Clément was sent back to the camp in the Gourougou forest where he died from his wounds.

Number 9 is dedicated to Clément, who passed away as a result of wounds inflicted during an unparalleled repression by Spanish and Moroccan forces.

Number 9  is a campaign to denounce the daily and systematic repression of migrants by Moroccan authorities as well as the implication of Spanish authorities in the crimes perpetrated against migrants at the borders of Melilla. The campaign was launched in June 2013 and was supported by ALECMA, GADEM, FMAS, AMDH, APDHA and many other organizations like ARCI, PRODEIN, LA CIMADE, RETE MIGRAEUROP.

The campaign was latched in Spain on El Pais, in Ittaly on La Repubblica, in France on MediaPart and in Morocco on Yabiladi.



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