NUMBER 9 – Stop the violence at the borders is a campaign in collaboration with GADEM, AMDH, FMAS,  ALECMA and APDHA to denounce the daily and systematic repression of migrants by Moroccan authorities as well as the implication of Spanish authorities in the crimes perpetrated against migrants at the borders of Melilla; to call for the end of violence and violations of human rights in the north of Morocco; and to demand an official investigation into the circumstances of the death of Nke Clément Patrick and the other migrants deceased in the surroundings of the enclaves. The campaign  is created in the memory of Clément, who passed away as a result of wounds inflicted during an unparalleled repression by Spanish and Moroccan forces.

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The campaign was created together with a note, which has been prepared on the basis of the testimonies collected with ALECMA during the field mission in the border with Spain. In the note you can find other elements which are collected by AMDH and interviews realized by GADEM with migrant victims of the 11 March repressions which came to heal in Rabat. Read the full note.


On JUNE 2013 – GADEM, AMDH, FMAS and ALECMA asked to Nador attorney a request of legal investigation on Clement’s death – read the text here

On AUGUST 2013 – APDHA asked to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to start an investigation on the treatment of migrants at the Melilla/Ceuta borders – read the full text here

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